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We've served over 200+ local athletes in their journey to the next level. We know most parents are not marketing experts. But yet how often we've seen an athletes recruiting success boil down to one thing - the athlete's ability to promote themselves - no matter what recruiting service used. You can set your recruiting anchor with us because we'll tell you the truth and won't take your right arm and leg in the process!


Our team brings decades of experience in every area needed to enhance and explode an athletes brand and exposure. Our culture here is one of being totally dedicated to bringing value to all of our athlete clients and local sponsors. We've taken two years of testing our platform before releasing the full version to be sure we can do what we say. Like us, you only have one shot at this recruiting game, so don't leave it to chance!


Sponsors and athletes alike can trust our team of professionals to insure great exposure through Cable TV and online marketing. We want to make a star out everyone involved, providing a dominate YouTube and Google search results. We've had hundreds of clients from all over the world who have experienced success with us.


We see how stagnate the online recruiting services can be. So we decided to throw everything we know, as well as everyone we know who could make it happen, into the bucket that is now SkillTraxTV. The ingenious platform give athletes, coaches, teams and parents an exciting opportunity to benefit from the creative skill set of the world's very best!

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Coach Pete Meadows

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Senior Operations Advisor

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TV Production Director